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William Shakespeare – vocal actor David I. Davies March 30, 2008

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William Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s classic as dramatized by renowned vocal actor David I. Davies

Do you love to listen to shakespeare’s classic, below you see what you have in this audiobook. Hamlet One Voice is published by One Voice Recordings and narrator is David Ian Davies

1. Polonius suggests Hamlet stop mourning his father’s death
2. Hamlet compares two brothers, talks of his mother’s haste into marriage
3. 0! that this too, too, solid flesh would melt
4. Hamlet meets Horatio, learns of his father’s ghost
5. Laertes bids good-bye to his sister
6. Polonius gives advice to his son
7. Hamlet and Horatio confront the ghost
8. Polonius tells the King and Queen that their noble son is mad
9. Hamlet’s speech to the players
10. Hamlet proclaims what a rogue and peasant slave he is
11. Hamlet’s speech,"To be or not to be"
12. Hamlet tells Ophelia to get to a nunnery
13. Claudius feels that Hamlet is not totally mad
14. Polonius and Claudius plot to get rid of Hamlet
15. Hamlet’s speech to the players
16. At the play
17. Polonius prepares to spy on Hamlet
18. Claudius prays and Hamlet refrains from revenge
19. Hamlet’s speech,"Tis now the very witching time of night"
20. Hamlet meets with his mother and kills the spying Polonius
21. Hamlet exposes the King to his mother and ghost reappears to Hamlet
22. Hamlet’s speech,"How all occasions"
23. Claudius summons Hamlet and sends him off to England
24. Ophelia’s mad scene
25. Laertes confronts Claudius and learns of Ophelia’s drowning
26. The graveyard scene featuring Hamlet, Horatio, and grave digger
27. Ophelia’s funeral
28. Osric arranges the fencing duel between Hamlet and Laertes
29. The duel
30. The final death of Hamlet




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